RAW CONE 1 1/4 6PK

  • $3.00

Classic RAW Cone 1 1/4 6PK

Made from the same unbleached fibers we all love. RAW Cones cut out the hassle of rolling with their line of cones. Unlike other cones on the market that use chemical instant-drying glue when manufacturing their cones, RAW uses a water-based-gum, which takes 24 hours to dry. This long process is done to ensure that RAW Cones are made with all natural materials and ingredients.

Perfect for the inexperienced roller, to the to-busy-to-roll on the go-er, RAW Cones have a use and a place in just about every smoker’s heart. Popularized by famous celebrities such as Wiz Khalifa, Rihanna and others, RAW Cones have blown up in popularity. So much so that RAW had to double the size of their factory and production just to catch up with the super high demand of these cones. These cones are definitely much more than just your average cones.


  • Hassle free smoke
  • Available in King Size Slim and 1 ¼ sizes
  • Made using completely natural materials and ingredients
  • Classic RAW features such as the patented CrissCross watermark