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RAW Classic Papers - Single Wide 

Raw Classic Papers, what’s more to say classics in the name. RAW papers, which are available in a variety of different sizes to suit every advocates needs, features RAW’s patented CrissCross watermark, which improves the overall smoke. RAW classic papers are renown for being pure and less processed rolling paper which, in-return produces a smoke unlike any you’ve have had before.

The RAW papers contain a blend of unbleached fibers, the paper is a translucent natural light brown colour. The paper itself is even so thin that you can see through it. The CrissCross watermark aids in preventing runs and maintaining smooth even-burning throughout your entire smoke. 


  • Less chance of runs when smoking
  • Smooth even-burning throughout
  • Variety of sizes to suit pretty much every smokers needs
  • Made to be pure, less processed and unbleached
  • Super thin rolling papers (So thin it’s translucent!)
  • 50 leaves/booklet