About us

Who We Are

The HEAD-QUARTERS is a start up business that will source the globe for the highest quality products at the lowest prices to ensure that the Australian community does not miss out on exposure too innovative new Medicann products.



We are a family-oriented start-up looking to penetrate this new emerging industry. Our goal is to provide high quality products at the best possible price and we’re dedicated to this.



Much like many of you like-minded thinkers, we are major advocates of cannabis and believe that there are many medical benefits to the use and consumption of cannabis.



Values and Beliefs

Who says people who smoke weed can’t be successful, right?
We strongly believe in exploring the use of high quality, scientific glass and other related smoking and herbal paraphernalia as well as alternate forms of consumption, as new techniques are developed around the world.



As an extension of our beliefs and goals, we will also be taking it upon ourselves to help to educate the community on new techniques, and informative/useful articles to improve the overall experience of everyone’s smoking lifestyle.



As humble advocates we are setting foot into uncharted territory for Australia, we delve into a push for more freedom and education on the consumption of marijuana.


Our Aspirations

With every new scientific and medical discovery the push for freedom gets easier as there is more hard evidence to prove the benefits of this life style choice. But there is still a long ways to go before we see any massive change in Australia, but it’s coming, and we believe that it all starts with us, the advocates.



What is going to be hard in the battle most of all is community acceptance. There is still a very negative image of certain types of advocates. We need to help set a good image of this lifestyle and beneficial choice in people’s minds and with healthier practices and innovative techniques of consumption, we are finally able to start moving towards a more positive image of us advocates, allowing for a broader acceptance of our lifestyle.



We hope you will support us on our journey!